IV-18 Fluorescent Tube Clock Glow Clock Energy Pillar GPS timing receiver optional

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Former Soviet UnionIV-18 Fluorescent Electron Tube Clock[Energy Pillar. Energy Column]The hardware circuit has been updated to v1.2.0 version:)

IV-18 (b-18)Fluorescent electronic digital tubes, a product of the former Soviet Union in the 1980s and 1990s, were manufactured in large quantities during the Cold War and used in military equipment, and are now rare. Unlike domestic YS13/18 and IV-11, sheEight seven-segment numbers are embedded in one tube, and the tube is transparent and graceful in shape. The base plate of the whole electronic tube is a transparent glass plate, which is used to display each section of the digital comparison and to connect each section of the circuit, all of which are attached to the glass plate.The brightness of the font is uniform and its life is long.

With elaborate designAll-Metal Shell with Modern Sense,Gold-plated PCB ArtAnd all kinds of intimate functions, whether from PCB design(Jinjin PCB board, art line design)Overall effect(All Metal Shell)Other functions(GPS timing, timing switch, etc.)Come on,IV-18 Fluorescent ClockThey are all works worth collecting.

Technical specifications:

Input voltage DC 5V
Maximum working current 220 mA
Fluorescent tube model IV-18 (made in the former Soviet Union from 1984 to 1992)
Outline sizeThe length of fluorescent tube with length of 200 mm, width of 52 mm and height of 64 mm is 115 mm and diameter of 18 mm.

Detailed functional parameters and physical photos:

This clock can provide finished products or DIY kits.

The standard configuration of finished products is as follows:

1. One electronic clock of finished IV-18 fluorescent tube (all assembled, including IV-18 fluorescent tube);
2. One infrared remote control (new type, such as top picture);
3. MiniUSB line (1.2M long);
Note: No GPS receivers.order the finished clock, the shop needs to assemble and test it for you. It may take 2-3 days. Please wait patiently.

The products you purchased are as follows:

The DIY suite standard configuration is as follows:

1. Full set of metal shell fittings (including all metal parts and screw fittings used in shell assembly);
2. A set of semi-finished PCB boards (all patch components have been welded by the patch machine);
3. All the direct-plug electronic components used (need DIY welding by oneself);
4. A new IV-18 fluorescent electron tube;
5. One infrared remote control;
6. MiniUSB line (1.2M long);
Note: No GPS receiver
For DIY, we can’t guarantee that you will be 100% successful, because DIY assembly requires not only a series of equipment, but also a lot of electronic experience, and all parts, including tubes, electronic parts and screw, are completely new and unused, but if you find some parts are defective, please communicate with us in time before leaving a mid-term or bad review. We will give guidance and cooperate to solve the problem.

The products you purchased are as follows:

Description of Common Questions:

Many friends will ask that there will be a black behind the IV-18 fluorescent tube, suspicious that the fluorescent tube is bad or old. In fact, this black area is an antiseptic, used to detect whether the inner part of the tube is a vacuum substance. If there is black, it means that the internal vacuum is good, but if the black disappears, it means that the glass tube has broken or leaked, can not be used. No matter the kit or the finished product, all the new fluorescent tubes are used, and the pins are not tin in order. Please rest assured that the buyer, as follows:

Functions of Energy Pillar Energy Column:

1. Real-time time display
Display time is one of the basic functions of clock. Energy column can display time, minutes and seconds at the same time, and decimal points will flicker at 2Hz frequency. Time display format supports 12H/24H and provides Leader Zero ON/OFF function settings according to different usage habits in the United States and Europe.

2. Real-time date display
Date display is also one of the basic functions of the clock, the energy column can display the year, month and day at the same time, and there is a short horizontal line between the numbers as a distinction; and the energy column supports the lunar calendar display oh; the lunar calendar date does not need to be set, can automatically calculate according to the set calendar date; and, the date format supports YY-MM-DD-MM/DD-MM-YY/MM-DD-YY format, meet the four formats. The usage habits of countries all over the world;

3. Indoor temperature display
DS18B20 temperature sensor is used. The clock can display the current real-time temperature. The temperature format supports two display modes of Celsius/Fahrenheit. DS18B20 is integrated on the circuit board. In order to reduce the heating of components on the circuit board and cause inaccurate measurement of heat transfer to DS18B20 through copper or PCB board itself, a separate processing technology is made here. The PCB part of DS18B20 is separated from the main board, leaving only a narrow plate to bear DS18B20, so as to avoid the influence of PCB board heat and narrow and long. The panel is not covered with copper to avoid the inaccuracy of temperature measurement caused by the copper coating conducting heat to the DS18B20 pins.

4. Automatic cyclic display of date and temperature
Date and temperature can be displayed alternately according to the set time interval, and the time interval of time/date alternating display can be set independently. Only time/date alternating display can be set, time/temperature alternating display can also be set, and time/date/temperature alternating display can also be set.

5. Infrared remote control function
The main body of the energy column is designed concisely without any buttons. All the settings and operations are carried out by infrared remote control. The remote control is still an ultra-thin remote control commonly used in other works of mine. It is easy to use. Through the running-in of so many works, the humanized operation of remote control has been optimized.

Level 6 and 8 brightness settings. Automatically adjustable brightness
Built-in 8-level brightness adjustment function, can be set in a fixed brightness, can also be set to the Auto brightness function, the clock can automatically adjust the display brightness according to the intensity of environmental light. When designing an LED clock, many friends say that the lowest brightness level is still brighter. When designing the brightness level, the lowest brightness will never affect your sleep at night.

7. Two sets of alarm function
Two sets of alarm clocks are supported, and each set of alarm clocks can be turned on or off independently. The alarm clock will give out four short alarm bells after the alarm clock time, and the alarm lasts for one minute. After the alarm rings, press any key of the remote control to turn off the alarm.

8. Timer function
A lot of friends once suggested to me to add this function, this time also moved up, up to support the countdown reminder function of 23 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds.

9. Supporting GPS Timing Function
This time improved the GPS timing function, previous works always start the GPS synchronization function at a fixed time to calibrate, this time the GPS timing is real-time synchronization. As long as GPS keeps synchronization with satellite, once the error between ephemeris and local clock time is found to be more than 1s, the time and date of current clock will be updated immediately to ensure that the error between clock time and satellite time is controlled within 1s. In addition, in order to support a variety of different types of GPS, this menu also provides baud rate setting function, which can support 4 800 bps/9600 bps/19200 bps/38400 BPS four communication rates of GPS. The GPS interface of circuit board is RS232 interface. If GPS is TTL level interface, RS232-TTL circuit on circuit board can be skipped, which is convenient and practical. Moreover, in the clock menu, the display of current GPS connection status is also supported. When GPS is not connected, the clock will display No GPS, with GPS connection, but when GPS is not connected to satellite, the clock will display Search, when connected successfully, the clock will display Search. On Line will be displayed.

10. Support UTC (International Coordination Time) settings
UTC, also known as Coordinated World Time, supports the setting of the time difference between the current city and GMT (Greenwich Standard Time). For example, the UTC of Beijing is GMT+8. After setting up, the clock will automatically convert the local time according to the setting every time the GPS synchronizes.

11. Key Tone Open/Close Function
Many friends have made suggestions to some of my previous works, suggesting that the switch option of keytone be added to avoid the influence of keytone on the sleep of the elderly or children when they want to check the temperature or alarm clock in the evening. This time, the function is added, and the keytone can be turned on or off by setting the menu.

12. Timing boot/shutdown function
Timing boot and shutdown function is a practical function inherited from my IN-14 glow clock works. In order to prolong the service life of the electronic tube, we can say that the clock is set to shut down automatically at night or during the daytime when we go out to work, and turn on automatically at daybreak or after work. In the shutdown state, the electronic tube is in the state of complete power off, especially the filament of IV-18 fluorescent tube, which will turn off the filament power supply and prolong the lifetime of the fluorescent tube. When entering the shutdown period, the clock will display Auto OFF for three seconds, indicating that the current clock has entered the automatic shutdown state. In the automatic shutdown state, press any key of the remote controller, the clock will immediately turn on, and display the current time, and automatically restore the automatic shutdown state after three seconds, and prompt Auto OFF. And in the state of automatic shutdown, you can still check the date, temperature, alarm clock settings and other functions, and you can set the function, you can open the settings menu normally.

13. Forward/Inverted Automatic Switching Function
Because the IV-18 fluorescent tube is almost symmetrical, it continues the characteristics of my LED clock works, supports forward and backward, and can display normally.

Real photo appreciation:

User manual download here:https://www.mediafire.com/file/nrsl3kn0umkc00y/IV-18_VFD_tube_Clock_Manual.pdf/file

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