IV-18 DIY Digital Display Fluorescent Tube Electronic Clock Kit Energy Pillar

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The IV-18 (ИВ-18) fluorescent electronic digital tube, a product of the former Soviet Union in the 1980s and 1990s, was mass-produced and used in military equipment during the Cold War, and is now rare. Different from the domestic YS13/18 and IV-11, she has 8 7-segment numbers embedded in one tube, and the tube is transparent and the shape is beautiful. The substrate of the entire tube is a transparent glass plate for displaying each segment of the digital figure, and the line connecting each segment, which is closely attached to the glass plate, has uniform brightness and long life.

With a well-designed modern metal case, gold-plated PCB art, and intimate features, from PCB design (ink gold PCB, line design), overall effect (all metal case) and function (GPS) In terms of school hours, time switch machines, etc., the IV-18 fluorescent clock is a collection worthy of collection.


Input voltage: DC 5V

Working current: 220mA maximum

Fluorescent tube model: IV-18 (ИB-18 1984-1992 made in the former Soviet Union)

Size: 200x52x64mm

Fluorescent tube length 115mm diameter 18mm

The standard configuration of the finished product is as follows:

1. One electronic clock of the finished IV-18 fluorescent tube (all assembled, including IV-18 fluorescent tube);

2, an infrared remote control (new, such as the top picture);

3. One MiniUSB cable (1.2M long);

Note: Do not include GPS receiver, manual and assembly instructions, please contact customer service to download the electronic version. After taking the finished clock, the store needs to assemble and test for you. It may take several days, please be patient.

The standard configuration of the DIY kit is as follows:

1. A full set of metal shell fittings (including metal parts and screws used in all shell assembly);

2. A set of semi-finished PCB boards (all patch components have been soldered by the placement machine);

3. All the in-line electronic components used (need to DIY welding by yourself);

4. A new IV-18 fluorescent tube;

5, an infrared remote control;

6. One MiniUSB cable (1.2M long);

Note: Do not include GPS receiver, manual and assembly instructions, please download the electronic version yourself.

For DIY, we can’t guarantee that you will be 100% successful, because DIY assembly requires more than just a series of equipment, but also a lot of electronic experience, and all parts including tubes, electronic parts and screws are all The brand new is not used, but if you find a problem, please communicate with us in time, we will give guidance and try to solve the problem.

Frequently asked questions:

Many friends will ask, there will be a black behind the IV-18 fluorescent tube. It is suspected that the fluorescent tube is bad or old. In fact, this black area is a getter, a substance used to detect whether the inside of the tube is vacuum. If there is black, it means that the internal vacuum is good, but if the black disappears, the glass tube is broken or leaking and cannot be used. Regardless of the kit or the finished product, all new fluorescent tubes are used, and the pins are neat and not tinned. Please rest assured, as shown below:

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