Former Soviet IN14 glow tube clock electronic tube clock NIXIE CLOCK without glow tube

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Purchase must read

3This baby does not contain a glow tube,IN 14 glow tubes from the former Soviet Union need to be purchased from the former Soviet Union.

3Because of the need to install the glow tube on its own, buyers of this commodity need to have a certain hands-on ability.

3This item is shown in the following 1 drawings, and does not include other accessories in the other display pictures.

3The delivery period of this commodity is about 5 days.

The following picture is a real photograph of this product

3The pluggable design of the through hole, the disassembly of the glow tube is more humanized

Finished product clock display

The following pictures show you only the effect of the finished product.

Not the real picture of this item thatdeliver.

The following picture only satisfies everyone’s curiosity.

There is a high voltage circuit, please do not open the shell in private, remember!

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1 review for Former Soviet IN14 glow tube clock electronic tube clock NIXIE CLOCK without glow tube

  1. T***s

    Bought the item thinking it was a full kit. Unfortunately it was my mistake to not notice it does not include the I asked the seller how can I get the tubes..they apparently read the message but didn’t reply..I guess they have their need to address any customer issues. A product is only as good as the service the seller this case, don’t waste your hard earned money and find another seller that has the full kit.

    Color: withTubes

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