2019 New Upgrade Cellular Amplifier GSM Repeater 2g 3g 4g GSM 900 4G LTE 1800 3G UMTS WCDMA 2100 MHz Mobile Signal Booster 70dB@

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This signal repeater has been upgrade. Circuit board and power plug are improved. Most problems has been solved. It is better quality and longer life.

✔ Please make sure you can get at least 2 bars 2G/3G/4G signal of outdoor before you buy, otherwise this product can’t help you. It needs outdoor good signal to improve your indoor signal.

Working principle Of Signal repeater!
1. Received a good outdoor signal from signal tower.
2. Cable transmits good signal to repeater.
3.Signal Booster enhance the received signal.
4.Improve indoor’s cellphone signal.

For European buyers, it is suggested to buy from Spain Warehouse. Though the shipping cost is a bit more expensive, but it is much faster and without any customs problems. (Note that the Spanish island area needs to pay extra for remote areas.)

※ Selling point!!

❶.Boost: Voice and 2G 3G 4G Network.
【BETTER VOICE AND DATA】Get fewer dropped calls, better voice quality, faster uploads and downloads. You could share you enjoy time the via good voice call and you don’t worry about the call will dropped suddenly.

❷.​Model No.: KW20L-GDW (New version)
Tri Band Signal Repeater: GSM 900 & DCS LTE1800[Band 3] & WCDMA 2100[Band 1].

❸.High Gain:70dB. Coverage: 400 Square Meters

❹. LCD Display: Yes.

❺.Suitable For: Russia, Spain, France,Ukraine,Japan, Europe,Asia,etc.( This repeater can improve voice and 2g 3g 4g network for all countries of Europe and Asia)
❻Warranty: 1 Year!


Question 1: After installed booster signal not be very good, indoor signal coverage very small.

Solution 1:Adjust outdoor antenna’s location and direction.
Solution 2:Check whether cable connected well.
Solution 3:Put more higher receiving antenna’s position, which can received more good signal.
Solution 4:Change another bigger power booster.
Solution 5:Change another high gain receiving antenna.

Question 2:Cellphone signal full bar,but communication quality bad

Solution : Too closer distance of indoor and outdoor antenna, need more separation far distance away between antennas.

Question 3 :Work good for long time, suddenly signal bad

Solution 1:Check outdoor cable connectors whether flooding water.
Solution 2:Check power lights whether working normal.

Question 4:Signal lattice blank and blink.

Solution : On behalf of no input signal or the input signal is not strong enough, The position or direction of the outdoor receiving antenna can be adjusted.

What is in the box ?

1. GSM 900 1800 3G 2100 Repeaterx1

2. AC Power Cordx1

3. LPD outdoor antenna x1

4.Panel indoor antenna x1

5.13m cablex1

We will send the correct plug adapter which is suitable for you according with the shipping address.

Easy to install 4 steps :

1. Install the outdoor antenna at the location with he strongest received signal.
2. Loosely run the suppied coaxial cable from outdoor antenna to the booster connector marked “MTS”
3. Connect the indoor antenna cables to the booster connector marked “Mobile”
4. Install the indoor antenna on the wall and power up signal booster. It is done.

Additional information

Brand Name


Model Number



400 Square meters

Frequency Band

GSM900 DCS/LTE 1800 WCDMA 2100






Voice+ 2G 3G 4G Internet


13m cable, antennas, power plug

Signal Repeater

GSM 4G booster FDD Band 3

LCD Display


Suitable for

Russia, Spain, France, Brazil, Europe, etc.


1 Year


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