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1-500X handheld usb microscope Video magnifier inspection Endoscope Animals and plants Hair skin Archaeological identification

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The most unique sales started on October 1, 2016 - New upgraded 500x zoom microscope
Absolutely exceed all the same lenses in the market
Zoom in 500 times to give you a micro world you have never seen before!
Upgraded version of the latest features
First, use the latest all-aluminum lens; even if you are in a high temperature environment, do not be careful about lens damage and mirror blur.
Second, the use of exclusive imported lenses, more effective to ensure a clear picture of real high temperature, can be used continuously for up to 48 hours.
Three; the latest software, perfect support for the latest WIN8, WIN7 system, (need to install the driver), there is no driver under XP, (Android and Apple systems do not support please note)
Specific parameters: the height of the lifting bracket is 17CM, (the height can be adjusted to achieve different multiple effects) The length of the floor is 18CM, and the length of the USB cable is 1.4 meters. Standard + Gift = Color Box Packaging 1 + Microscope 1 + Multi-Function Elevator Dedicated Bracket 1 + Measuring Rule 1 + Measurement Drive a CD.
If you are worried about buying a computer without a CD-ROM, you can rest assured! You can contact us online or by email to send the microscope driver and instructions to you!
Please note: If your computer has a camera (such as a laptop), the product software may not be usable and can only be viewed using video software (only zoom, camera video).
22 Items

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