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HT-175 digital thermal camera imager imaging camera IR infrared thermometer -20-300 degree 32X32

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HT-175 digital thermal camera imager imaging camera IR infrared thermometer  -20-300 degree 32X32


The industrial thermal camera features portable design and simple operation and is widely used in many fields such as fire fighting, archaeology, traffic, agriculture, geology, energy, smelting, electronic manufacture, etc. It is the ideal selection for electrician and maintenance personnel and technicians and can be used to find the problem area quickly.


Product parameters:

Display screen: 2.0 color screen

Infrared image resolution: 32×32

Pixel: 1024

Measurement mode: Infrared focal plane temperature measurement

Measurement range: -20~300℃

Measurement precision: ±2%/±2℃

Wavelength coverage: 8-11.5um

Focusing mode: fixed

Color palette:  iron oxide red and white glow

Power supply: 3×AAA alkaline battery

Working temperature: 0-50℃

Storage temperature: -20℃~50℃

Weight: 135g (battery not included in shipping )

Size: 165mm×69mm×60mm


Color palette descriptions:

Suitable selection of color palette displays the details of the target objective better. Iron oxide red color palettes focus on display of color. Such color palettes are very suitable for high heat contrast and are used to improve the color contrast between high temperature and low temperature. But the white glow color palettes provide even linear color.

Power button: hold down to power on/off.

Unit switching key: press to switch temperature unit ℃/℉;

Color palette switching key: press to switch between  iron oxide red/white glow color palette

Image capture key: Press the key to lock the image and press again to cancel;

Saving setting button:  After the users complete setting of color palette or temperature unit, press the key to make the instrument remember the setting. It will not lose after powering on again.


Measurement principle:
In the nature, when temperature of the object is higher than absolute zero (-273℃), it will radiate electromagnetic wave to surrounding environment constantly due to internal thermal motion, in which infrared ray is included. The optical elements of infrared temperature instrument can convert the infrared energy emitted, reflected and transmitted by the object to temperature reading.
The instrument measures the infrared ray difference between the object itself and the background and obtains different images and converts it into standard video format and display.175175-175Ht-175_20170905170246_20170905170253
991 Items

Data sheet

Display Size
1.9 Inches & Under
Model Number
135g(battery not included)
Display screen
2.0color screen
Display Type
Infrared Thermometer
Power Type
AAA Battery
Max Measuring Temperature
120°C & Above
Infrared image resolution
Measurement mode
Infrared focal plane temperature measurement
Measurement range
Focusing mode
Working temperature
Storage temperature