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4040 Co2 laser engraving machine cutter machine CNC laser engraver, DIY laser marking machine, carving machine

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     4040 laser engraving machine for the skin! October 20 new map

 Laser engraving machine parameters:


Machine appearance: 90 * 72 * 43cm


The biggest width: 400 * 400mm


Laser power: 50w


Laser type: carbon dioxide enclosed laser, wavelength 10.64 um


Cooling method: water circulating water cooling


Resolution: 1000 dpi 2 mm minimum forming characters: man, English 1 mm


The system environment: doing/Windows 7 / winXP


Support software: Coreldraw


L carved thickness: 50 w 0 to 5 mm (depending on the material)


Speed: 0-30000 - mm/s


The cutting speed: 0-3600 / min


The power supply voltage: 220 v / 110 v (optional)


Total power: 300


Positioning: red light positioning


Platform: lift platform


Transport interface: USB 2.0


Working humidity: 5% to 95%


Working temperature: 0-45


Packing: packed in agglutination packed in wooden cases, size: 1000 * 820 * 580 mm



Coreldraw graphics format support: can be carved directly import, for example: CDR, AI, DXF, DWG, WMF, EMF, EPS, PSD, PLT, SVG, JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, PDF, etc

Carving material: paper, cloth, leather, rubber, acrylic, double color boards, plastic, wood, bamboo, jade, crystal, ceramic tile, organic glass, non-metallic materials

 Please note:                                                                                                            

   After days,this 4040 laser machine only left red black color,no produce blue color any more.So 

  when i send machine to every buyer friend,i will send you red black color!Thanks for your understand!












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9976 Items

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