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2000W Wind Power Grid Tie Inverter with Limiter / Dump Load Controller/Resistor for 3 Phase 48v wind turbine generator

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NEW 2000W Wind Power Grid Tie Inverter   -

-with dump load controller and resistor / limiter sensor clamp

  --Max Efficiency:>92%               

  --MPPT Efficiency:99%

  --DC/AC  45V-90V ( optional )

  --AC   220V 230V 240V  50hz 60hz  

  -- Power Limit sensor/clamp  




wind grid tie system


Advantage  Features  of the 2G Wind Power Grid Tie Inverter 

  • the 2nd Generation grid tie inverter,  new technical , Higher efficiency . 

  • Higher MPPT efficiency , Max 99%

  • Multiple intelligent protection to ensure safe use. 

  • Directly connect to three phase wind turbine, without regulator

  • Easy to install and easy to operate.

  • UL1741, IEEE1547, VDE4105 standards .

  • Two years Warranty , life time technical support .

  •   Pure Sine Wave output 

  •   Build in dump load function

  • Two years Warranty , life time technical support .

  • Power Limit Function  


Wind Power Grid Tie Inverter System

The Wind Grid Tie Power Inverter is the world’s most technologically advanced inverter for use in utility-interactive applications. 

This integrated system maximizes energy harvest, increases system reliability, and implifies design, installation and management.

The small type wind grid tie power inverter can obtain the wind energy from wind turbine, and can tie to the grid through its output cables with no extra equipment. The installation is very convenient and reliable.

We call the system combining with small grid tie inverter and wind turbine as ‘SGWT’. The system includes wind turbine and small grid tie inverter and installation kit, and some “SGWT” also will include controller, dump load resistor.

The inverter can be connected to any outlets of utility grid at house. The small grid tie inverter monitors the volume, frequency and phase of the home utility grid, then produce pure sine wave AC power that the frequency and phase are as same as the grid's, and the volume is a bit higher than the grid's, then according to the current controlled PWM, to control the output

power to the grid. The small grid tie inverter just puts out power when the home grid is on.

When the wind turbine is rotating, and the output of the voltage is in the range of the rated input voltage of the inverter, the wind turbine will produces power, and the grid tie inverter will change the power from wind turbine to the home grid. When the total power of electric apparatus that are using in the house is larger than the output power of the inverters, these

power from the inverters will be consumed in the house, this will slow down the power meter, otherwise, the difference of the output power of the inverter between the total used power of the apparatus will go out from the house to the out grid.


The power meter will SLOW down.  Electricity costs REDUCED.


*** If the wind turbine is producing less power and the GTI cannot deliver all the power needed by the load, then powe will be supplemented by the Grid.

*** Power Meters (Except smart meter) are not aware of the direction of Power flow. The user then pays for the power exported and delivered by the Grid. 

     Do Not Worry! No Problem .

* Now ,we have the Power limit type inverter if you do not want to sell electric power.   


Technical Data



Max. Power Output


Input AC/DC Voltage Range

45V ~ 90V

AC Output Voltage Range


Output Frequency


Standby Power Consumption.      


Total Harmonic Distortion


Peak Inverter Efficiency


Power Factor


Output Wave Form

Pure Sine Wave

MPPT Efficiency


Over Current Protection


Over Temperature Protection


Reverse Polarity Protection


Anti-Island Protection




Weight ( Kg)


Dimensions (W x H x D)

469 x 196 x 88 mm



(1) (2) Dump load resistor connection Terminal. This terminals will connect to the dump load resistor.

(3) AC socket,This socket will connect the inverter to the public grid via the AC cable.

(4) Cooling fans.

(5) Input Terminals. This terminals will connect to the wind turbine.

Packing List


1. wind power grid tie inverter ---- 1pcs ,   2. dump load resistor ---1pcs , 3.AC cable  --1pcs  , 4. user manual & warranty card .  5. Limiter sensor/clamp / cable ---- 1 set .


Selecting correct model of Sunshine Grid Tie Inverter.

 If the wind turbine is DC output type, then you should choose WDL model inverters, and the input DC voltage range of the inverter should fit the DC output voltage of the wind turbine, the rated power of the inverter should also fit the max. power of the wind turbine, and the AC output of the inverter should fit the standard of AC utility grid.

If the wind turbine is AC output type, then you should choose WAL model inverters. Most factories don’t supply the AC rated voltage, just supply DC rated voltage, so our WAL also supply the DC input range, please check the DC rated voltage of wind turbine should fit the DC input range of the grid tie inverter.


For 48v - 90v wind turbines ,we suggest 45V-90V inverters .


WAL model of  grid tie invereter connected with AC output type of wind turbine.




Connecting two  2000G2-WAL with a max. power is 4KW wind turbine


Inverter LCD Display :



wind LCD 4in1_Fotor


About Limit Model  :



Limit Model :

External limiter and Internal limiter are settable, 

Limit mode+External limiter both selected means work under external limiter mode.  (external limter needed )

Limit mode+Internal limiter both selected means work under external limiter mode. 

About External Limiter (no included in this item ):

The limiter sensor/clamp cable is 2mters for internal limiter .   

If the distance of inverter and main braker is longer than 2m , the user will need external type limiter .  the distance can be extend to Max 30meters .

external limiter 400




Certification : CE Rohs EN50438




   5 Stars Feedback :





return refund

Return & Refund:


30Days Return & Refund . 


Unhappy with the Product --- Return ;  Unhappy with the Service --- Return ; Unhappy with the Seller --- Return ;  No Reason --- Return . 


Warranty :


2 years Warranty for replacement or repair , life time parts support and technical support . 


1. GAIA NEW ENERGY is your trusted partner for long term business.We arethe MANUFACUTER of the solar inverter. We are responsible forthe quality of the inverter. The inverter has 2 years guarantee. We provide technical support and service for the inverter the whole life. All inverters would be double tested before shipment to be guaranteed in brand new condition and work perfectly.

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3. We will not be responsible for any delay during delivery including but not limited to the customs package checking, strike, force majeure, etc.

4. We can declare lower value on the invoice for the duties reason, which does not reflect the total price you paid or the market value of the product. It may not apply to countries with different tariff rules. We are not responsible for any custom duty or import tax.

5. In case there is problem with your order, make sure CONTACT US before leaving negative feedback. 

6. Please leave us message if you have any question, we will reply in 24 hours, thank you!


For off-grid wind power system , the customer can use battery discharge model solar grid tie inverter with the battery . When the battery is charged full by the charge controller, the battery grid tie inverter can send power to grid . 

battery 1000gtil 400 battery 2000gtil 400


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