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Laser Logo USB Electronic Cigarette Lighter Plasma ARC Metal Lighter Windproof Flameless Rechargeable Electric Jet Lighter

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Free Laser Logo USB Electronic Cigarette Lighter Plasma ARC Metal Lighter Windproof Flameless Rechargeable Electric Jet Lighter


1. Only Mirror Version can dispaly the battery capacity.  Other versions(Matte or Brush Colors) just have the light function. That is why mirro version is a little more expensive.
2. THE LASER LOGO IS TOTALLY FREEEEEEE, but if you want to print pictures on the lighter, please contact our sales people. Since laser logo needs a little time to be finished. So the delivery date for Laser logo product should be delayed for around 1-2 days.
1.Rechargeable:It has standard USB socket which allowed to be connected to the USB inerface of computer or any of such ports.
This Turbo lighter uses clear and low-carbon electricity instead of traditional butane, poisonous gas and oil.
2.Flameless:No open fire.Pls be safe!
3.Eco-friendly and energy-saving: cycle use,pls use responsibly.
4.Convenient:You can charge anywhere even by portable power source.
5.Ssfty:This lighter use high ratio of polymer lithium ion battery which has been tested and has over charge, discharge,overload etc.multiple protection.It can produce electric spark without electric shock hazard to the human body.
1.Open the lighter cap and press the button to ignite the cigarette easily.
2.Use USB charging cable to connect to DC 5V USB adapter for charging.
3.Take only 1.5-2 hours to get fully-charged;LED indicator is on when charging and off when fully charged.
4.   280MA Charger Can ignite about 2 packages of cigarette or 100-200 times when fully-charged.
5.Working principle:Polymer lithium ion battery provides energy to ignition coil,then generate high temperature Turbo through the high frequency and high voltage.It can quickly lit cigarettes,won't be affected by the external environment.
Please Note:
1.Please do not put the lighter into water or other liquid,otherwise the lighter will short circuit.
2.When finsih charging(usually 2 hours),please do not still connect with power supply,otherwise the lighter will damage the life time of battery.
3.When the dosage of the battery is running out,the spark duration is very short,so please charge immediatelt in order to prolong the life time of the battery.
4.Pls do not ignite it for a long time continuously,had better less than 10 seconds.
This can prolong the life of the lighter
5.Had better fullt charged before using at the first time.



1391 Items

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