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ELM327 V1.5 ODB 2 Autoscanner EML327 V1.5 OBD2 Bluetooth Adapter Mini ELM-327 ODB 2 Read Fault Code Car Diagnostic Scanner tool

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ELM327 V1.5 ODB 2 Autoscanner EML327 V1.5 OBD2 Bluetooth Adapter Mini ELM-327 ODB 2 Read Fault Code Car Diagnostic Scanner tool 

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FAQ Before Orders (Please kindly read before)
Q1: What is the Version of NX101 ELM327 ?
A1: This is the real V1.5  High Quality version, Support all OBD2 Vehicles.
Q2: What is difference between V1.5 and V2.1 ? and How can I check it ?
A2:  Our newest ELM327 is 100% V1.5, which is support full protocols version(10 protocols), especially J1850 & J1939 Protocols for Japanese Cars and American Cars, other elm327 only 7 or 9 protocols.
After you receive our ELM327, you can run it on any apps, if it's not V1.5 Hardware version, 100% full refund.
1   elm327-v12
Q3: Does this adapter support the diesel cars or trucks ? Is this working with IOS?
A3:  ELM327 does support the diesel vehicles, but it is not for trucks! It works for 12V vehicles only. And this ELM327 is bluetooth version for android system cellphones.
By the way,if you want to device with WIFI,with PIC18F25K80 pls click it.
Q4: Does your ELM327 Come with any softwares?
A4:  Because the CD is really easily get broken during long distance transportation, we will send the QR code and downloading links instead of CD,  You may download the program directly to your cell-phone by scanning below QR code  .  ( link:
The language of software will be changed depend on your device's language settings. (below screen shot for android tablet)
Q5: How do i know if my car is working with the ELM327 or not ?
A5:  This ELM327 bluetooth adapter is working for all OBD-II Compliant vehicles.
The OBDII compliant vehicles referernce as below:
1996 or newer model year vehicle made in the United States
Fit for Chrysler ,Fit for Ford ,Fit for GM ,Fit for Jeep
2004 or newer model year vehicle made in the European Union
Fit for Alfa Romeo, Fit for SAAB, Fit for Acura, Fit for Opel, Fit for Audi, Fit for Seat, Fit for Peugeot ,Fit for Renault after 2009 year, doesn't support Clio 2
Fit for Bentley ,Fit for Skoda ,Fit for Daewoo, Fit for Benz ,Fit for Daihatsu  ,Fit for Land Rover
Fit for BMW ,Fit for Vauxhall ,Fit for Citroen, Fit for Volvo ,Fit for Fiat ,Fit for VW ,Fit for Ford ,Fit for Jaguar  
2008 or newer model year vehicle made in the Asian Union 
Fit for KIA , Fit for Isuzu ,Fit for Honda ,Fit for Mitsubishi, Fit for Hyundai  ,Fit for Dacia  ,Fit for Lexus ,Fit for Mazda 
Fit for Nissan, Fit for Subaru , Fit for Suzuki, Fit for Toyota
Warm Notice
Please be kindly awared that, d ue to different OBDII Compliant standard, If your car is locally assembled in Russia, it will only work after  2008. 
For Lada/ VAZ/ UAZ car makes, please don't purchase If your car is before 2011. 
For Ssangyong car makes, please don't purchase If your car is before 2010. 
For Renault Dacia Logan car model, please don't purchase If your car is before 2009. 
You may also pop the hood and look for a sticker named "VEHICLE EMISSION CONTORL INFORMATION"
NOTE:  Even though it compatible with most cars, but different regions support the vehicle OBD2 protocol at different times, or some car is spercial design, so it may not compatible with some cars which do not support OBD2 protocol. If you're not sure, ask us anytime!
Q7: What is the function of the ON/OFF button ?
A7:  The blue ON/OFF button is for reset/ wake up the device, because this new designed ELM327 is built with auto-sleep mode, after 30 min without communication, it will go in sleep-mode.  The Sleep mode  consumption of our scanner is only 10MA, so there is no need to worry about leaving it in car over night with plugging in.
Q8: What functions that I can do with the ELM327 ?
A8:     The device is a small adapter that plugged into the vehicle OBD-connector. On Bluetooth, it connects to any computer, tablet or smartphone( android), With associated diagnostic procedures . Doing these simple operations, you will be able:
* Read, erase and display code descriptions problems - both standard and  special manufacturers.
* Measure the fuel consumption.
* Display real-time operating performance of the car, such as momentum, vehicle speed, oil pressure, coolant temperature, engine load, intake manifold  pressure, throttle position, the values of oxygen sensors, air intake
temperature, and more.
* Turn off the MIL (signal Check Engine).
* Download data to external media in a variety of formats for later printing.
* Record various parameters, display graphics in real time, and more.
 Please be known that this OBD2 scanner can only diagnose engine, if you need to diagnose ABS, airbag additionally, you may check for  LAUNCH CR619:
ELM327 V1.5 (Blue)Features:
* Small size, compact structure. Plug and never unplug
* Stable wireless connection.
* No wires or batteries (adapter is powered by the 12V Vehicles battery)
* 30 Minutes without communication, it will automatically go to sleep mode. 
* Ultra low cumsumption in sleep-mode, less than 10MA, you can leave our adapter plugged on cars all the time.
* Supports almost OBDII protocols, widest coverages.
* The adapter uses the fast communication mode and newest reliable ARM chips, up to 30 PID/S transmission speed.
* Our Scanner black with switch has passed 48-hours continuously working without any problems, rest assured.
ELM327 V1.5 (Blue) Function List:
1.Read diagnostic trouble codes, both generic and manufacturer specific
2.Clear trouble codes and turn off the MIL ("Check Engine" light)
3.Display current sensor data, including:
4.Engine RPM
5.Calculated Load Value
6.Coolant Temperature
7.Fuel System Status
8.Vehicle Speed
9.Short Term Fuel Trim
10.Long Term Fuel Trim
11.Intake Manifold Pressure
12.Timing Advance
13.Intake Air Temperature
14.Air Flow Rate
15.Absolute Throttle Position
16.Oxygen sensor voltages/associated short term fuel trims
17.Fuel System status
18.Fuel Pressure
19.Many others...
With our ELM327, you will be able to perform a complete computer diagnostics of your car, and even to correct minor faults without resorting to auto service stations.
Delivery time Note:    If your Confirmation Time is coming, you still not receive the goods, please contact us, we will extend the delivery date in advance.  Please do not apply dispute within 60 days, let's keep good business relationship. Thanks for your kind understanding.
Software Display
Step by step guideilnes for ELM327 with ON/OFF Switch
1. Locate your OBDII Diagnostic Port. If your car does't have OBDII 16pin Port, you can check the pins on your diagnositc port, we will help you find the connector the convert it to 16pin.
2. Download the Torque APP from android market or install it from our CD.
3. Plug the ELM327 into your car, and it will emit the bluetooth signal, connect it with your cell-phone. Password is "1234".
4. Open the TORQUE Software, go to"Adapter status" --  "Settings" on top right, 
select "OBD2 Adapter settings" ; 
Choose "Connection settings" as "Bluetooth" ; 
Choose "Bluetooth settings" as "OBDII" ;
Restart the TORQUE App, You will see the green light blinking, and wait for a while it will build up the communication.
​5. Please be noticed that the ON/OFF Button is for waking up the device, our ELM327 is humanized, it will go to auto-sleep mode if communication is suspend over 30 mins. The consumption battery current is only 10mA, you can leave it plug on your car over night.
Softwares Display on PC
Packing List
1* 100% Real V1.5 OBD2 Bluetooth ELM327 Scanner
1* User manual and links for downloading.
Safe packing for all AutoTops Packages
Below are FAQ related to using questions
Q. What's the Password of the Bluetooth?
A: It's "1234" / "0000"
Q: If it can do all most car models and diesel car models?
A: No, it can just support most standard OBD II car models, Diesel car models can be supported as long as it is 12V system.
Q: Which android system phone can compatible?  If it can compatible with Iphone?
A: Please kindly use Android V4.4 and high version, The Iphone can't be supported
Q: Why my computer can't connect with this Bluetooth?
A: This unit is with Bluetooth 3.0, check your computer is compatiable with V3.0 version bluetooth.
Q:Why my phone can't connect with the Bluetooth?
A: Please kindly check if you choose the bluetooth connect way in software setting. and EXIT the software after setting is finished, then restart the software, it will automatically connect to the adapter and car ecu.
Q: Why your ELM327 is cheaper than others usually v1.5 sold at 6USD ?
A: We are newly opened store and now is on promotion to gain the reviews, so almost all items are sold at cost price. welcomed to check other tools in our store.
Q: If I still have question, what should I do now?
A: please kindly contact with the Seller, please don't ever open a dispute or just left a negative feedback. we will be online 24 hours for your service. Thank you.



864 Items

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ELM 327 V1.5 scaner automotivo for Auto Diagnostic
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Best ELM327 V1.5 ODB 2 Autoscanner
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Code Readers & Scan Tools
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Software Update
OBD2 bluetooth scanner Version
100% oringal Real V1.5
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ELM327 V1.5 ODB 2 Autoscanner
Auto Diagnostic eml327 feature
ELM327 V1.5 obd2 bluetooth Adapter
Mini Black ELM 327 Compatible Vehicles
All OBDII Compliant Vehicles
eml327 V1.5 ODB 2 Autoscanner Softwares
ODB 2 Autoscanner Function 1
Read Fault Code& Clear Fault code
ODB 2 Autoscanner Function 2
Display live sensor data, show I/M Readiness and more
Auto Diagnostic Scanner for Russian
ELM327 V1.5 Bluetooth for all US makes after 96 made after 03