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HIRISI LED Carp Fishing Alarm with Receiver Bite Indicator Wireless Fishing Alarm Set 4+1 with Snag Ear LED Light


Wireless fishing bite alarm 1+4 set

Include: 1 receiver + 4 alarms in case
(Batteries does not include)

Bite alarm information:
* Waterproof and Wireless with an operating range of over 100 meters
* Light weight, strong Robust alarms with fantastic fittings
* With Extra Colorful Snag Bar which LED will light up inside.  
* Each Alarm has 2 LED Hat with different colour which correspond with the receiver. ( Red, Yellow, Green and Blue )
* High output speaker and LED alarming.
* Automatic night light sensor which could be turned on/off.
* Fitted with a 20 second memory latch light. 
* Drop and Back indicating with Red/Green LED lighting and different sound. 
* Each alarm is fitted with 4 transparent button(On/off, Volume, Tone, Sensitivity control), which will light up with color background.
* Push button controls for Tone, Volume and Sensitivity. 
* All Alarms are fitted with a 2.5mm Jack socket for illuminated swinger.
* Alarms run on 1 x 9V battery(Not included)
* Low power Consumption.
* British 3/8 standard threads

Receiver Information:
* Red, Yellow, Green and Blue LED's. These match the LED colours of the alarms
* Waterproof and Wireless with an operating range of over 150 meter
* Vibration Alert
* On/off, Volume Tone Control
* 20 Second Memory Latch Light. 
* Receiver requires 3 x AAA batteries (Not included)
* Magnet design on the receiver, so you can stick it on seat box.



Data sheet

Brand Name
Fish Bell/Alarm